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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics O

How can NeurOntogenics® work with so many different conditions?

To untrain or retrain? That is the question!

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NeurOntogenics® and PTSD

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*Achieve permanent change? Outdated patterns of body and mind, once removed, generally do not return. As they are removed, layer by layer, the symptoms that they contribute to will diminish. Outdated learning may not be the only cause of a particular symptom.


   "Dr. Weissfeld and the work he does have changed my life. We have worked together for nearly 7 years and the healthy, self-aware woman I am today barely resembles the neurotic, near-diabetic perfectionist that first walked into his office. His is a healer of the most brilliant and gentle kind, and I count him as one of the best allies I have had so far in this lifetime.”  FS, Life Coach


Neuro-muscular healing

A mind/body treatment that quickly and permanently* restores correct function to your body to eliminate pain and correct chronic injuries, minimizing the time and effort of repetitive exercises and the expense of repetitious treatments.

4 Dimensional  Nutrition for internal health

 By eliminating the mental, emotional, energetic and neuro-muscular stressors affecting each organ, 4DN maximizes the benefits of nutritional supplements. This allows for faster, often immediate and often permanent* improvements in organ function, and can reduce the number, amount and time that supplements are needed.

Mental & emotional freedom

Peaceful resourcefulness is the natural state of the brain. When unneeded mental and emotional reactions are erased, the freedom from old stress and trauma programs increases efficiency of any other inner exploration or therapies you choose, allowing you to get on with your life, faster.

“Only the intelligence that created the body can heal the body.” NeurOntogenics® facilitates the re-emergence of that Intelligence.

...those for whom healing is a spiritual journey

‘Rend the veils’ that keep you separate from the wholeness of your inner nature

If you are on a journey towards realization or spiritual seeker looking to:

...athletes, dancers, musicians or chronic pain sufferers who:

...people who want to improve internal organ health, work with Illness or ‘unwellnessof various types prevention, more energy, detoxification, maximizing life energy

many other conditions

... individuals who desire Relationships that are based in the expression of who they really are.

If you are in a love relationship, wanting to have one, in a difficult relationship with a child, boss, employee, friend, group or authority figure and you:

...those who wish to eliminate blocks to success and empowerment while living in integrity with your highest ideals.

If you:

NeurOntogenics® Holistic Mind/Body Healing System is for...

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How can it help so many diverse conditions?