This basic New Patient visit is

for simpler conditions.

Holistic NeurOntogenics® treatment, time allowing, and exam of injury or pain in 1-2 body areas, when in otherwise good health. For focus primarily  on symptoms. To accelerate your results, use the 60 minute visit.

Limited systemic complaints. Assessment and, time allowing, treatment of limited complaints where your past history is fairly simple. For treatment of a acute condition or area of the body*or the following:

- assessing nutritional supplements from home,

- updating your existing limited nutritional program

- acute condition - cold or flu- that is lingering

- recent rash or other limited symptom

- wellness nutrition - age reversal, athletic, weight loss, or other limited programs.
if these complaints exist along with general fatigue, pain or more serious health conditions, longer visits are suggested because of high likelihood of interlocking problems, a Q4D Nutrition visit of 60 minutes or more is recommended.

Emotional Stress - Initial consultation with an opportunity to begin some work with emotional stress. Time allowing, you will get some relief of a well defined emotion, negative thought pattern, or memory.

Great Adjustment. Initial exam and history is taken and a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment is provided. Your full body adjustment will be guided by kinesiology (muscle testing) for the best adjustment possible. A chiropractic adjustment is a general balancer and stress reliever for the body that doesn’t specifically target symptoms. Initial exam and history is taken and a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment with your choice of a low force option is provided. Muscle and fascia clearing with the incomparable Percussor instrument rounds out the visit. you feeling GREAT.