- Use this visit for pain and injury treatment. This longer visit format for Neuromotor Deprograming allows us to get below the surface of your pain, exploring the the mind/body connection to provide results that go beyond just the faster relief of pain that a longer visit offers. Discover the deeper benefits of the amazing NeurOntogenics® process as it unwinds tensions that you didn’t even realize that you had to improve your performance.  


- Use this visit if you are on a full Q4D Nutrition program, and taking 5 or fewer separate nutritional supplements, use this visit for your 4 week follow-up.

- This visit is also appropriate for working holistically with to provide in-depth clearing of interference patterns during the four weeks, when you are on your supplements.

- This visit may also be used to deal with a single chronic symptom when general health is basically good.

- Use this visit to work on deeper mental, or emotional patterns, negative self talk or self sabotage, difficult memories or reactions that have been difficult to resolve, with NeuroHistorical Reprogramming

As in the 20 minute, but get more done/go deper in 40 minutes with Progressive Wellness

- Use this as an open ended wild-card visit, where we follow your body and work on its priorities.

- Use this visit to assess basic nutritional needs, test for superfood supplements, assess and treat 1 or 2 systems (digestive, pH, detox, brain etc)

- use this visit to improve musculoskeletal function, either generally or in a specific area.

- use this visit to explore and clear a particular emotion, memory or life issue.

This list is for  clarification  

of what is possible in a 30 or 40 minute visit.