Q4D Nutrition initial visit for assessment and treatment, time allowing of 1 or 2  systems (digestive, pH, detox, brain etc) including elimination of structural, emotional or other stress that is directly affecting the involved organs, and establishment of nutritional program to detoxify and support organs.  

Progressive Wellness Initial Visit. You might be feeling good, but you can always improve. Progressive Wellness treatments permanently peel layers of accumulated stress off the body and mind, revealing the inner spirit. Progressive Wellness provides age-reversing treatment.

Initial consultation with an opportunity to begin some work with deeper emotional stress. Use this visit for longer term, deeper difficulties such as PTSD or other abuse.

The earlier in life these things happened, the more work they will need. .

Injury or pain in more than 2 areas, or when you also have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or other health conditions. Use this visit if your health condition is complicated. Use this visit if you want to accelerate your healing pain or injury in 1-2 areas. Also use for Fast track recovery or in-depth tune-up if you are a  competitive athlete.

This is an good visit for those from out-of-town.  

This longer  New Patient visit is for

more complex conditions.