- This visit allows an in-depth tune-up or the fastest rehab  available. Use this visit if your body and conditioning are very important to you and the only thing you can’t endure is being ‘Out of Order’. You want your machine well tuned, and ready when needed. You want to improve all aspects of your performance. This longer visit format can get you back in competition faster than you imagined was possible.

- This is also an ideal visit for those from out-of-town, or those who just want to move through their work as fast as possible or work as deeply as possible.


- Use this visit for a Q4D Nutrition 4 week follow-up when taking 6 or more supplements.

-If you are a long-term patient of Dr. Weissfeld and, having already cleared out pockets of your deeper stress patterns use this visit to to establish a multi-system health program.

- Work with PTSD using NeuroHistorical Reprogramming method

- Clear a difficult long term issue, mental, or emotional patterns, negative self talk or self sabotage, or difficult memories or reactions that have been difficult to resolve.

- Open to your spiritual essence an area which has been feeling difficult or shut down.

As in the 40 minute, but get more done/go deeper in 60 minutes! Progressive Wellness

- Use this as an open ended wild-card visit, where we follow your body and work on its priorities.

- Use this visit to assess basic nutritional needs, test for superfood supplements, assess and treat 1 or 2 systems (digestive, pH, detox, brain etc)

- use this visit to improve musculoskeletal function, either generally or in a specific area.

- use this visit to explore and clear a particular emotion, memory or life issue.  

This list is for  clarification  

of what is possible in a 60 minute visit.