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NeurOntogenics® is a new way of understanding health

The ‘discovery’ of NeurOntogenics®

NeurOntogenics® is a treatment system that reflects a new understanding of how the mind affects the body, and the body influences the mind. Here is how it came to be.

Since 1980, I was fascinated with the often strange and shifting patterns of muscles weakness and strength that I be observed in the body (These observations are part of a field called applied kinesiology - AK.) In an instant, a certain pattern of strength and weakness, can completely change in response to a stimulus or treatment. Along with this testable change, symptoms may shift or or disappear. These observations thus merged with my personal quest as a healer; bringing the fast and lasting improvement possible for people.

Over years I tried many variations on this theme. Based on some of the AK disciplines that I studied that allowed me to, in a sense ‘ask’ the body what it needed, I observed that treatments which made little sense to my mind, would often have better and more lasting results than more ‘rational’ treatments that ostensibly addressed the problems more directly. For example,  I might be ‘directed’ to treat a muscle in the arm to help a foot pain, or to adjust the little toe to relieve the pain of a traumatic memory,

A number of years of research and continued clinical experience led me to the core understanding that became NeurOntogenics®: The underlying cause of many chronic conditions (particularly of the mental/emotional and musculoskeletal systems) is how the brain has learned and retained a lifetime of adaptations to physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stress and trauma.

With further research, I realized that the sequence and timing of the treatments had an effect like opening a combination lock held patterns of tension in place in memory. These tension patterns, observable as patterns of weakness and strength throughout the body, are the real cause of much of the pain and dysfunction we experience in our our lives as they repeat over and over.

When erased from the brain, these once-useful adaptations that have become maladaptive leave behind the normal, correct function. NeurOntogenics, therefore, is the art and science of unloading a lifetime of stress.