80% of chronic health problems are linked to DIET.

Even with the best of nutritional supplements, your health may not improve significantly if you do not eliminate the negative factors that continue to tear down your health

Many doctors report that up to 80% of chronic disease is linked directly to your diet: the food you eat directly affects your health.

       Learn to make wise, healthy choices for your daily cuisine. Enjoy delicious, quantum-state  foods  and get back to GREAT HEALTH!

How long will it take to be better?   

Of  course,  every  ill  person would  like  to  be  cured instantly. But once your body has become chronically ill, the  return  to  radiant health  requires  doing your homework first.

Usually there are several factors contributing to the failure of your health. As a team, we put on our  detective hats on to search for which health-destroying factors have robbed you of  your good health, present and past. Once these factors are identified, direct action needs to be taken to eliminate each factor.

Often, but not always by any means, some improvement is felt instantly, but the more systems in your body that have been impacted, the longer it takes and the more things have to be done to resolve the situation.  

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The following conditions may lengthen treatment times

- a history of many injuries

- many scars

- head injuries

- history of foreign travel  (Montezuma’s, Krishna’s, or other’s Revenge)

- reconstructive or other surgeries

- drug use, prescription or otherwise

- toxic exposures

- diabetes, lupus or other systemic or autoimmune illlness

- depression or heavy emotionality

- ‘silver’ (mercury) fillings, crowns, or other dental issues