Treatment times by body area - uncomplicated cases

The following treatment times are estimations of the number of visits necessary to restore function, in all major muscles of the particular joint or painful body area. This usually eliminates or radically reduces the pain. Note that pain relief will usually begin in the first visit.

Foot, Ankle, Knee, Elbow, TMJ (Jaw), Wrist, Hand

- 3-6 Basic (20 minute) visits

- 2-4 Body/Mind Restoration (40 min) visits

Hip, Neck, Low-back, Mid-back Shoulder

- 5-8 Basic (20 minute) visits

- 4-6 Body/Mind Restoration (40 min) visits

How long will it take my

pain to resolve?   

When all the functional factors that are causing your pain are addressed, pain resolves, provided that muscles, bones and connective tissue are intact. But pain relief is often noted from the first visit.

NHR addresses each causative factor one by one. For one person, that process may take 50 minutes of work. For another with the ‘same’ pain, 2 hours. That time may be spread over a number of visits. The visits can be shorter and spread out or longer and closer together, and that depends on your available time, finances and the priority you put on your health.

While it is not possible to know in advance exactly what it will take, we will make an estimate in your first visit, based initial exam and history.  

You have the option to choose the  visit format that works for you. All visits are charged by time spent.

By about the 3rd visit, depending on your condition and severity, if you haven’t noted significant improvement, your condition probably doesn’t have Repetition Syndrome as its major feature. Because it erases the memories that are the cause of dysfunction and pain, results are often permanent. Commonly over the course of treatment, symptoms go away and then return in with less and less intensity, and are more and more easily eliminated, until they cease to be a problem.

If you have any of the following conditions, your care  may take longer than treatment times listed above.

- a history of many injuries

- many scars

- head injuries

- reconstructive or other surgeries

- drug use prescription or otherwise

- toxic exposures

- whole body pain, such as fibromyalgia

- diabetes, lupus or other systemic illlness

- depression or heavy emotionality

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