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Dr. Weissfeld studied Clinical Kinesiology (CK)with the late Dr. Alan Beardall, from 1981 through his death in 1987. He has continued his studies to discover and develop root principles responsible for some of the amazing benefits of CK.  These principles - neurontogenic principles - are the basis of NeurOntogenics® which is built on previous knowledge from CK and other disciplines.  
Chiropractic: The spine is the transmission line from the brain to the body. maladaptation locks the spine into distorted patterns, creating pain and stiffness and increasing the potential for degeneration and injury. Freedom of spinal movement is  crucial to elimination of compensation.
Acupuncture & other energy therapies: A part of compensation involves habitual re-routing of energy in the body. Under or over-energized areas are prone to pain and injury. Free flow of energy is crucial to the elimination of compensation patterns. No-needle approaches are available that use microcurrent or soft (painless) laser.
Other natural therapies offered inlcude: Nutritional therapies, including detoxification, herbs, vitamins, amino acids, homeopathics; myofascial therapies that free up locked muscular patterns, cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic laser, biofeedback and neural therapy round out the comprehensive approach needed to deal with maladaptation on many levels.
Robert Weissfeld DC

Dr. Weissfeld is a longtime student of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual work school that blends personal psychological exploration with deep spiritual practice. The Diamond Approach, and the teachings presented by Hameed Ali, (writing under the pen name of A.H. Almaas) have provided inspiration and suggested the theoretical framework neurontogenic principles.

Dr. Robert Weissfeld is a practitioner who:
   *      Offers an atmosphere of nonjudgmental safety and support.
   *      Has blended the benefits of 25 years of study and practice of various healing systems into a single, seamless system.
   *      Is gentle, intuitive, passionate, and patient, yet dedicated and persevering in exploring every avenue to get to the root of the issues or problems.
   *      Deeply trusts in the innate goodness, strength and wholeness of each person, and is dedicated to bringing that into outer manifestation in each life he touches.
Dr. Robert Weissfeld’s focus is in holistic treatment, which means addressing the full spectrum, internal and external, of the factors that  may affect health and well being. This includes: the structural, biochemical, electromagnetic - energetic and mental/emotional. He blends an extensive array of techniques using Clinical Kinesiology, (muscle testing) as a window into the needs of the individuals that he works with.
He grew up in New York City. He did undergraduate work at Queens College in NY, majored in music (jazz bass) at York University in Toronto, Canada and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College outside of Houston, TX. in 1984.
Dr. Weissfeld has training and studies in treatment of learning, attention and memory (LEAP- Learning Enhancement, Advanced Program), Neural Therapy, a diagnostic and treatment regimen that originated in Germany. It is widely practiced in Europe while barely known in the US. It specializes in the treatment of disturbance patterns that have usually arisen from trauma that may be causing local or distant symptoms. He has studied the neurophysiology of emotion, trauma and addiction. To best utilize the