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Spiritual Medicine, Computers & the Brain

Presence, Ego Activity and the Brain -  (pdf)

Neurological mechanisms of memory and transparency to True Nature

Abstract: Insights from study and clinical practice since 1981, recent findings relating to learning and memory in the brain, and 15 years as a student of the Diamond Approach (DA) have led the author to a theoretical understanding of the neurological relationship of learning and memory to the dissolution of the historical (ego) self. This paper explores how the recent finding that accessed memories are labile and subject to erasure may offer an understanding of what occurs in inquiry as practiced in the DA. The dissolution of ego structures, leading directly to the availability of experience of Space or Essential Presence may represent a distinct neurological process involving the erasure of somatic and emotional memory patterns that produce expression of the seemingly fixed structures of ego. Therapies (EMDR and EFT being the best known) when understood and correctly applied in inquiry, may be useful in hastening the dissolution of ego activity if not structures, and assist students moving through difficult times in the Work.  A rationale and method for incorporation of such therapies into inquiry is included.

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