NeuroHistorical Reprogramming addresses difficult inner states by removing blocks to our inherent capacity to access inner qualities like strength, love, compassion and upwelling forgiveness to help to ease various conditions:








Relationship issues

Eating disorders



Weight issues



More obviously than any other level of function we know that our past history creates our present thoughts, feelings and emotions. We know our emotions and feelings through our body; change the body, and we change the emotion, change the emotion, and negative thoughts become insignificant wisps. NeuroHistorical Reprogramming, using kinesiology, is able to track, target and immediately eliminate the body tensions that report emotional stress to the brain, interrupting the cycle of    ..>feeling(emotion) –> thought(belief) –> feeling–> thought> .. that is very difficult to break any other way.

The kinesiological process also allows us to pinpoint, the causal time for the present emotion, if necessary, to eliminate the reaction at its source.

Two to three visits can often address a particular issue, while ten to  twelve will allow major shifts in ongoing day to day reactions, as the underlying “quiet mind” is revealed. This is a great assistance for those who are striving to connect with their true spiritual nature. NeuroHistorical Reprogramming, by design, brings one to the doorway of realization of True Nature, revealing the missing peace beneath the struggle.

Rapid elimination of  repetitive, painful reactions patterns