There is a radio host who, when asked how he is doing, replies “Great, but I’ll get better!”

Wouldn’t you like to be able to say that?  

Progressive Wellness goes far beyond any other wellness care, clearing a lifetime of things we would be better off without. Most of us have a backlog of stress from childhood, from poor diet and less than perfect parenting to traumas and injuries. We are assaulted daily with chemical stress; pollution, pesticides, plastics, toxic dental materials, we push ourselves hard to juggle busy lives, and we have aches and pains that we ignore.

Progressive Wellness doesn’t just eliminate risk factors, it actually progresses health, replenishing the bodies bank account of health.

From the basic Wellness Adjustment, which provides a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment (with your choice of a low force option) and muscle and fascia clearing with the incomparable Percussor instrument, to the advanced Progressive Wellness options, there is a plan for all needs and budgets. The advanced options provide:

Any of the Advanced Wellness options provide