Free treatment for constipation, in clinical trail

If you, or someone you know anyone who would like to participate in this small clinical study, please have them contact  Dr Weissfeld. The treatment will be all natural, and based around chiropractic, acupuncture, and kinesiology. The chiropractic may be ‘low force’, and most of the acupuncture ‘no-needle’ if that is necessary for the comfort of the patient. I presume that the treatment would take 3-6 visits, about 30 minutes each.

I would be glad to talk in person privately, over the phone or by email to anyone who wants more information, and of course all information is 100% strictly confidential.

You would need to give permission for me to publish the results of the study, possibly referencing your case, but never mentioning you by name.

Find out more on my blog.