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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics
NeurOntogenics® includes many components 
new ways of viewing health and illness.

- What NeurOntogenics® addresses.

- Who is Robert Weissfeld, and what is he about?

- Getting behind the overused catchphrase.

- How learning and memory cause maladaptation - and why many problems can be reversed.

- Why do we have the same problems and reactions to life, over and over again?

- Learning and memory are not what we thought

- A new understanding of health, dysfunction and illness.

- The language of the new understanding.

- The remarkable tool for correcting body function.

- How old injuries can leave their imprint on us - forever - if left unaddressed

- A new way of dealing with issues relating to head injury, and associated issues of learning.

- How energy affects our body and mind.

The ‘discovery’ of NeurOntogenics®

NeurOntogenics® is a treatment system that reflects a new understanding of how the mind affects the body, and the body influences the mind. Here is how it came to be.

Since 1980, I was fascinated with the often strange and shifting patterns of muscles weakness and strength  that may be observed in the body in response to different stimuli. A person may, at one moment display one pattern of strength and weakness, and seconds later, after applying an appropriate stimulus or treatment, a completely different pattern might emerge along with reduced symptoms. This observation merged with my personal quest as a healer; bringing the fastest and most lasting improvement possible for people.

As I tried many different things to see what would work the best, I observed that treatments which made little sense to my mind, like  treating a muscle in the arm for 15 seconds to help a foot pain, would often have better and more lasting results than more ‘rational’ treatments that addressed the foot directly.

A number of years of research and continued clinical experience led me to the core understanding of NeurOntogenics®: The underlying cause of many chronic conditions (particularly of the mental/emotional and musculoskeletal systems) is how the brain has learned and retained a lifetime of adaptations to physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stress and trauma.

The sequence and timing of the treatments is what makes NeurOntogenics® different, I came to realize, allowing us to unlearn (erase) whole patterns of unnecessary activity from the brain, leaving behind only the normal, correct function. This site, is dedicated to helping you understand this new option for  unloading a lifetime of stress.    

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