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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics
There are times in their lives when we push ourselves to get through something, or conversely, give up and stop trying.  Energetic maladaptation, as all maladaptations, will encompass physical postures, emotional states, mental patterns and biochemical patterns.  While the circumstances that led to these energetic stances may pass, the body memory remains and may be triggered again by new circumstances, or simply be the ongoing state of the body and mind.  Most of the time we don't even really realize the presence of energetic maladaptations. We may notice that we can't relax or feel wound up or feel unable to rise to circumstances that we know we are able to handle.
Energetic maladaptation may occur at any time in life.  It may be the result of trying too hard to please a critical parent, being given too much responsibility at any age, like the child required to take care of siblings while the parents are working.  It commonly occurs in college, spending the night studying and stressing about exams, or in early adulthood pressing to try to get ahead.  A hard-driving over aroused state with all of the posturing in every system associated with it is learned, and becomes the default state.  When this is noticed and addressed, the relaxation and release is immediate like adjusting a car whose engine has been idling too fast.

Cognitive, emotional and  motor skills

Mental (thoughts and beliefs)

Energetic  function and maladaptation