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A while back my car got sick.

I took it to a faith healer.

It recovered in 10 minutes.

After a trip to the mountains, my car seemed to have lost its pep, so I brought it to Bill, a neighborhood mechanic. Bill replaced the spark plugs, the fuel filter and oxygen sensor and several other things, all to no avail. He shrugs his shoulders and says to me that it must have always been like this and hands me the bill for all the work.

So I go to another mechanic, Frank. I tell him what the problem is. He opens the hood, and disconnects the battery cable, and walks away. In 10 minutes Frank comes back, reattaches the cable, and says “try it now”. I get in, drive around the block, and it runs perfectly.  A miracle has occurred!

But no miracle; there is a real-world explanation. When I went to the mountains, Frank explained, the computer adapted the fuel/air mix for the thinner air at high altitude, but it failed to reset when I came back to a lower altitude. Disconnecting the battery rebooted the computer, and the correct function which was never lost, simply covered over, simply resumed.

The problem therefore, was informational.  The ‘brain’ of the car ‘learned’ new settings for the higher altitude, but failed to unlearn them when they were not needed.  The engine was functioning correctly, just for the wrong situation.

Why is it an example of faith healing? Frank, knowing the basic function of the car, had faith that when the maladaptive program was eliminated, the underlying correct function would re-emerge. He simply had faith that the true nature (factory-installed settings) of the car would reassert themselves.

This story is actually a perfect allegory for health and healing in two ways. First, it can be taken as a metaphor for the difference in approach between mainstream health care, sees a problem and looks for how to remove or rebuild something (surgery), or  suppress normal function (as in named anti-drugs such as antacids, this is how most pharmaceuticals work), and some alternative care which understands that only the body can heal itself through its own intelligence and mechanisms.

Second it describes the unique approach of NeurOntogenics®, which helps the body to unlearn what is no longer necessary. The brain is a remarkable learning machine, but unfortunately what is learned under stress is more likely to stick around. The result? A fair extent of our normal way of being is the mental, emotional and physical replay of reaction to stress and trauma.  

NeurOntogenics® is the art and science of unlearning to restore function.

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A faith healer healed my car

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