Much of the healing that you receive tries to retrain your body to do what it once knew how to do.

When the treatment - massage to relax the muscles (not to loosen scar tissue), physical therapy to retrain the muscles, chiropractic to put the joints in place - needs to be repeated over and over to be successful, a surprising conclusion can be drawn – the physical treatment is actually attempting to change your brain by introducing new learning!

NeurOntogenics®, on the other hand, applies principles of untraining, using methods that remove inappropriate and outdated habits and conclusions that your mind and body have accumulated over the decades of life, most of which come from stress and trauma.

When untraining is successful, proper function is immediately restored without repetition.  As more and more of these outdated habits are erased, the body and mind move towards deeper states of relaxation and ease, a fundamental state of being that requires no maintenance.

NeurOntogenics® Healing System untrains the mind and body