What is the hidden cause of pain and dysfunction?

Over our lives, we experience many stresses and traumas, large and small.  The reaction we have to any stress, physical or emotional, is to adopt a tension pattern in our bodies with certain muscles tightening and others loosening.  Some of these tension patterns stay on as new learning and become part of the body's movements, affecting our every waking and sleeping movement. These patterns interact in unpredictable ways to create pain and dysfunction in the body.  The imbalances can also predispose one to injuries, and the resulting joint imbalances can lead to joint pain or even arthritis.

These tension patterns invariably build up as we get older, and, like running your computer for years without rebooting it, the random accumulation of adaptations override the inner blueprint of our bodies. This is the primary cause of dysfunction.

NeurOntogenics® is the only therapy that specifically targets and eliminates these destructive adaptive patterns to recover the inner blueprint of optimum function. Proper function then restores itself without the need for repetitive exercises or treatments.