What is inner freedom?  Are you free if you continually need to monitor your thoughts and emotions to make sure they are positive?  Are you free if the same repetitive feelings and emotions continually surface, or the same memories from your past that you know have created certain reactions in you, continually repeat themselves?  Are you free if you need to continually remind yourself that you're a worthwhile human being? Are you free if you find yourself reacting inappropriately to those that you love, getting caught in a cycle of blaming yourself or blaming others for the pain that you feel?

Your basic inner nature is freedom. Whether your issue is depression, PTSD, relationship stress, fear of failure, fear of success, low self-esteem, or the inability to forgive yourself, recovery is just that; recovery of your true inner nature, your soul’s blueprint. Your deepest nature  is one of peace, contentment, strength, love and inner support.   

The freedom we crave is actually freedom from our own nervous system. Mental, emotional and instinctual drives inter-tangle with a lifetime of stress and trauma. Trying harder or adopting new, better beliefs only wind it tighter, a further reminder of the distrust of your own inner nature. The precision of kinesiology-guided treatment untangles the nervous system to recover its inherent relaxed, resourceful state.  

NeurOntogenics® Healing System -inciting inner freedom