The NeurOntogenics®  mission:

To develop interest and  understanding and dialogue about the unappreciated cause & treatments for most pain and suffering.

To provide healing opportunities for

as many individuals as possible.

To provide training and education in neurontogenic principles of healing.

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Williams DC, ND

Neuromotor Deprograming & Pain Relief, which restores muscle function & performance without strenuous or repetitive training.

NeuroHistorical Reprogramming uses advanced ‘change’ methods available to eliminate the outdated inner maps we each carry, that cloud achievement, love, & spirit.

NeurOntogenic 4D Nutrition, which addresses habitual accumulated functional changes and the body/mind connection in addition to providing nutritional support  

... a combination of science & art, logic & intuition,

system & inspiration, outer treatment &

inner realization, fine detail & greater truth,

set goals & open-ended inquiry

NeurOntogenics®  addresses...

NeurOntogenics®  is a completely new take on healing

       The three assertions of neurontogenic healing:


NeurOntogenics®  will:

1- restore health even when other methods have failed,

2- provide relief at least twice as fast as other methods, &

3- provide the most permanent change possible, because...

...NeurOntogenics® understands and treats

the major cause of pain that most methods miss.

is a whole new way to treat the body that can acheive results where other methods have failed, or eliminate problems permanently that other methods would take

Mental, emotional pain

personal & spiritual development.......

Body, muscle and joint pain..............

Organ, metabolic

dysfunction and pain......................

Our brains are like computers,

with hardware - neurons  and

other  tissues,  and  software - everything we’ve ever learned and know how to do.

The hardware is generally intact; pain

and dysfunction arise in the software. When we

encounter a stress or trauma, physical or psychological, our brains automatically create and run intelligent new programs to deal with it.

Unfortunately, as happens on computers, these programs don’t always unload properly, causing malfunction.

Our bodies undergo a similar process - our muscle, organ, mental and emotional memories need to be rebooted periodically to prevent malfunction.

The #1 cause of Pain

is in the Brain