Insurance only pays for what is billed on a fee-for-service basis, not on open-ended time-based visits. Also, insurance may not pay for some of the procedures used in NeurOntogenics®.

Therefore, if you want services beyond those which your insurance will pay for, do not book as an insurance visit, book for the visit you want, and we will deduct any procedures that insurance will pay for from what you owe. If you have any question about what your insurance will cover, contact your insurance company or discuss the question with Dr. Weissfeld.

Fee-for-service - insurance deductible, co-pay and other rules may apply

Insurance covered visits
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Insurance visits.  I will accept assignment on insurance, in or out of network, if your insurance will cover chiropractic and related services. Please see insurance page (sorry, under construction and not available yet, contact me in the meantime) for more information. Depending on the type of insurance that you have, all services may not be covered. At the moment I am in-network for Aetna and PHCS, but out-of-network options exist with other carriers.

You may also want to get a bill to submit to your insurance, cafeteria plan or HSA.

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