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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

When we speak of instinct in humans, we get into a murky area where we think mostly of sexual impulse, fear and aggression. While those are definitely strong parts of our instinctual makeup, there are other qualities which we may call biological resource states which we know and take for granted but which may become obscured - taken off-line - and become unavailable to us without our realizing it.  The unavailability of biological resource states or instincts may be part of a sense of weakness or feeling of inability to meet the demands of life.

There are 26 of these resource states which have been found, each relating to a different acupuncture point.  We know and use all of these instinctual resources regularly.  Some we know as emotions, like Rage, Fear and Love.  Others we know and can call to active feel by thinking of situations that engendered them: Anticipation, Completion, Clutching, Coveting, Creativity, Excitement, Pattern Recognition, Readiness (for a challenge), Discharge (relaxation), Curiosity, Bonding and Pleasure are some of them.  We are generally not aware when these qualities are not available to us in a particular context. Their absence is but one part of a larger picture which creates stress and discomfort.

NeurOntogenics®  addresses of resource qualities as needed, 'rebooting' them within the context from which they are missing.

Instinctual function and maladaptation