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About Insurance Coverage:

What is covered under my insurance policy?
Generally, insurance that includes chiropractic will only cover conditions of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system that include pain or dysfunction. Conditions are only covered until the they resolves symptomatically.

Are nutritional supplements (natural vitamins and herbs) covered?
Unless your insurance
specifically states otherwise, (I am not aware of any that do) nutritional supplements are not covered, nor is any in-office testing or counseling for nutritional supplements. That said, some limited advisement on what you might take to improve your pain may be included as a service to you. More in depth nutritional advisement will not be covered.

How about treatment aimed at relieving stress, trauma (PTSD)  or emotional tension?
Again, the only conditions of neuro-musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction are covered for chiropractic by most insurances, but as with nutritional counseling, a limited amount of advisement may be included to the extent that it relates to the covered condition.

Are there any other differences when insurance is used?
Insurance only covers treatment on a fee-for-service basis based on certain guidelines. In other words, your insurance will only pay for treatment of your condition by chiropractic adjustment, muscle or joint treatment, and only to the areas in which you have symptoms that you reported on your insurance intake forms.  Insurance visits are 20 minutes long, while NeurOntogenics® visits, on the other hand, are scheduled by time, and can be tailored to address any issue or condition you wish to address.

Some insurance will only cover one procedure per visit. If that is the case, with your insurance, your first visit may include only the exam, not the treatment. If you want treatment as well, and don’t want to pay additional for it, you will need to come in on the following day.

Please email or call me if you have questions about what may be covered and what may not. Of course, you are always free to pay for treatment that is not covered by your insurance.

* actual coverage is up to your insurance company.