Chiropractic aWellness  Adjustment

I have no symptoms at all and I have not had a recent injury or accident. I want an adjustment to get my spine aligned and feel even better. I want a Chiropractic Wellness appointment

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I do have some symptoms or I have had a recent injury or accident, but I just want an adjustment, nothing more.

A 40 minute appointment is necessary for proper evaluation of symptoms.

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I want to investigate holistic options for my symptoms, or Progressive Wellness program to improve my health and well-being even further  Show me more choices.

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Your full body adjustment will be guided by kinesiology (muscle testing) for the best adjustment possible. A chiropractic adjustment is a general balancer and stress reliever for the body that doesn’t specifically target symptoms. Initial exam and history is taken and a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment with your choice of a low force option is provided. Muscle and fascia clearing with the incomparable Percussor instrument rounds out the visit.