Holistic Care Model:

Most other

treatment models:

Understands that the innate healing power of the body cannot be re-learned, because it was never lost to begin with.

Use a ‘retraining model.’ This implies that somehow, the body has forgotten its normal function and needs to be taught to behave correctly again

Restores function instantly, without repetition.

Repeat the same treatments or requires exercises to be done over and over.

Is based on principles that are repeatable and easily demonstrated

Are based on vague ideas about why they work.

Understands that correct function is inherent to the body, mind and spirit and and doesn’t attempt to impose its idea of correctness.

Come from a perspective that they know how the body ‘should’ be and attempt make the body match that idea.

Treats the cause, to improve symptoms.

Treat symptoms, often not addressing the cause.

Addresses all levels of function, body, mind, emotion, energy and chemistry.

Address a single level of function.

Routinely discovers and resolves specific issues that stem from interrelationship between  body, mind, emotion, energy and chemistry.

Are incapable of finding interrelationships between various levels of function.

Often offers rapid and often permanent relief, even in chronic conditions.

Offer temporary relief for chronic conditions.

Which model of healing have you been using? A new way of thinking about healing