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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

We think rehab is supposed to be hard work.

Learning something new is hard work. It takes focus, repetition and energy.  Most rehab models are based on the idea that we must, with effort. re-create what has been lost. But what if this were not true, what if our injured ankles could suddenly remember what it was like to be uninjured, or the muscles of our hips, backs or shoulders could regain the balance and fluidity they had originally known?  This would be natural, easy.

There is an assumption that the body needs help with the mechanics of healing; that for instance the application of heat is the way to bring more blood flow to an area.  While the heat may bring more blood flow to an area, and feel soothing, the body is perfectly capable of controlling his own blood flow.  Most treatment is just an educated guess about what the body needs, and can even disrespect innately intelligent and precise healing mechanisms.

What makes Neurohistorical Deprograming instant and effortless is that it gets the body out of its own way, allowing healing to simply happen.  

While it might be necessary to exercise muscles that have atrophied or move joints that have frozen, that part of the rehab process can go much faster and more smoothly when the body has remembered it’s correct function.

Phantom stress is the long-term adaptation to past stress or trauma that causes current pain and dysfunction. We know of phantom limb pain, pain in a limb that is no longer there, but a surprising phenomenon we may call phantom stress pain is a major cause of dysfunction, leading to pain, delaying healing, and even predisposing one to future injury or illness.  

The nervous system is remarkable at adapting to, and learning from stress and trauma, but those adaptations tend to hang on even after they are no longer necessary. Such adaptations have a profound effect on muscle activation and posture, overriding the more fundamental pre-stress healthy balance of the body.

The GhostBuster

Phantom stress overlays and overrides normal function, causing continued pain and stress even after the tissues have healed. Neuromotor Deprograming first puts the attention of the nervous system on the altered muscular behavior, and then applies optimum, natural treatment modalities, eliminating the adaptation that has caused pain and dysfunction.  NeurOntogenics®  Neurohistorical Deprograming thus restores the nervous system to its more fundamental pre-stress/trauma state.

Phantom Stress Pain

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No pain no gain? - Introducing an effortless rehab method

Immediate, healing is possible and can occur frequently. In fact, many times it is not healing at all, if we think of healing as something mending, rather it is the nervous system ‘forgetting’ past stress or trauma and releasing the reactive patterns related to that. And forgetting takes no energy whatsoever.

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