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About contains the more detailed Mission, the Charter for all OurChance franchises and References used in this site

The Problem shows why we need new healthcare delivery models. It discusses the Two Kinds of Healthcare, The Myth of Low Deductibles, and the Three Ways Insurance Wastes Money.

The Solution goes into more detail about the various aspects of OurChance cooperatives.

The Plan to Transform Heathcare

paraphrase the old cliché, have our water

and drink it too.

A dam is an amazing feat of engineering.
It can take a meandering river &
    by holding its mass back before
            releasing it, that one river will create
        enough electricity to power  whole
cities. The most amazing part, however is that
    not a drop of water is lost. We can, to
We can apply the same
principles with our
When we do this with our day-to-day healthcare, (we still need high-deductible insurance for the big stuff) what we save on insurance, in combination with state medicaid funds, and insurance subsidies that are part of the Affordable Care Act, if placed in HealthBanks, would allow us to take control of our local  healthcare infrastructure, and still leave our own personal money untouched. We could then, free from insurance company interference, use that money to receive the healthcare goods and services services we wanted.

Providers too, would be freed from the ball and chain of insurance requirements, and they could benefit from infrastructure (buildings, equipment, staff) made possible by the combined power of our dammed money parked in the HealthBank. We would, like a Health Savings Account, still have access to our money. Our money remains ours. We could not lose anything, only gain in savings. That is the chance we have right now - OurChance!   

Imagine, you go to the practitioner of your choice - MD, DO, Dentist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist, Naturopath, to get the treatment you want, using your money, from your Health Savings Account (HSA) socked away in your HealthBank. Your HealthBank uses your HSA, combined with thousands of others, to invest in healthcare infrastructure so we all share in the savings, because we partially own it.!  
You can make it happen….
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