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Dr. Robert Weissfeld, D.C., C.N.T.




New Treatment for Chronic Pain & Injury

Erases Pain by Promoting Forgetting

Denver, CO, August 18, 2008 – From headaches to foot pain, chronic pain can be like a thief, stealing your time, energy, enjoyment and even money. Some find relief from drugs, hands-on treatments, or exercise routines, but these often need to be repeated to remain effective. Other treatments, like physical therapy, offer retraining approaches, purportedly to help the body to relearn how to do what it once did automatically. According to a Denver area doctor, however, the answer does not lie in how much we are able to relearn, the key to eliminating pain, clinical findings and recent brain research suggest, is how much we are able to forget.


Developed by chiropractor acupuncturist and pain specialist Robert Weissfeld, a system called NeurOntogenics® applies a unique combination of healing principles to a wide range of symptoms to alleviate physical and emotional pain and tension. It works by helping your body to simply forget the dysfunction which, he says, is the hidden cause of pain. Derived from the words ‘neuro’ (of the nervous system) and ‘ontogenic’ (meaning fundamental), this system, says Weissfeld, can restore a person’s nervous system to its pre-stress, pre-trauma state.

“All function,” explains Weissfeld, “is based on learning. Whether throwing a ball or digesting your dinner, learning derived from previous experience determines how neurons fire on a moment-to-moment basis to orchestrate behaviors.” Weissfeld further explains: “In response to stress or injury, the body adapts by learning new patterns of muscle activity that interact with preexisting patterns, causing dysfunction, local pain or signaling the brain of emotional distress. Like unlocking a combination lock, natural treatments, applied with precise order and timing, dissolve these interlocking layers of dysfunction. This restores the latent correct function without the need for repetitive retraining.”

The breakthrough in understanding for Weissfeld came with the discovery in 2000 of a brain phenomenon called reconsolidation. “We normally think that our memories are fairly indelible, like computer files on a hard drive; but in fact every time we activate a memory it’s like taking a file out of a drawer. Reconsolidation is an interruptible process that occurs in the brain which represents putting the file back into the drawer.” NeurOntogenics® first guides the focus to key dysfunctional memories ‘pulling’ them out of storage, and then applies therapies which prevent their reconsolidation, in effect erasing them, Weissfeld hypothesizes.

Here is what one of Weissfeld’s recent patients says about the immediate effectiveness of this treatment system. “I had constant low back pain for years, and tried many things that didn’t work, but after two visits I got up from the chair and the familiar pain was gone,” reports Gordon Carpenter, 63-year-old owner of Centennial Financial Group in Centennial, CO.

Weissfeld has joined the alternative healthcare group at the Healing Oasis at Isis, Denver Metro’s largest spiritual, alternative, and holistic bookstore for over 25 years. Isis recently added a wellness center to its offerings when it relocated from Colfax Avenue to 2775 S. Broadway in Englewood.

For additional information contact: Dr. Robert Weissfeld, D.C., C.N.T.; NeurOntogenics®; 303-300-3933; A more comprehensive version of this release, as well as other information, can be found at: www.NeurOntogenics®.com.