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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

Emotional reactions, particularly those that are long standing, are subject to very rapid change when addressed properly. Emotional reactions rated 9 or 10 on a ‘1 to 10’ intensity scale can literally go to 1 or 2 as the result of a simple treatment to the body. What is being addressed is habitual emotional maladaptation which is serving no current purpose for the individual aside from causing misery.  Based on years of observing these changes, it would seem that most intense or chronic emotional distress is a result of maladaptation.

Emotional maladaptation can present as anger, grief, fear, confusion or any state of unease that exists for the individual.  Emotional maladaptation comes from habits of the past reaction.  Many times we have outgrown the emotional reaction already, but it continues to run itself in response to present situations despite our understanding and knowledge that the reaction is not necessary, or even in concordance with what we really know about ourselves and the world.

Elimination of emotional maladaptation updates our inner reactions to be more in line with what some may call the higher self.  It opens more options of choice and flow.  It increases our resilience, flexibility and creativity to deal with situations.

Emotional function and maladaptation