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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

NeurOntogenics® Quantum 4D Nutrition

begins with a basic assumption:

The capacity of the body to heal is never lost,

it is simply covered over.

There are 4 dimensions of restoring internal function. When all  are addressed, the body will better handle physical, mental emotional and chemical stress. The results are often immediate  - greater energy, clarity and  freedom of movement and the healing is often longer lasting than with nutrition-only methods.

The 4 dimensions that must be addressed are:

  1. Cell Resonant nutritional needs, determined with Quantum Reflex analysis (QRATM)
  2. Release of repetitive learning (Repetition Syndrome) that act like a rubber band to snap us back to old patterns
  1. The mind/body connection
  2. Elimination of energetic distortion using principles of acupuncture and Neural Therapy.

No drug, herb, nutrient or treatment can heal the body; only the inherent ability of the body can heal itself.

The best interventions efficiently remove the obstacles.

What prevents

your  body

from working as

it was designed

to work,


Q4D Nutrition is true holistic care at its best, addressing every level of function from present deficiencies to past stresses, from structural impingement energetic imbalance to unwind and un-stress organs and glands to restore optimal function.

Unlike the many nutrition-only methods, which attempt to correct the body by just changing the chemistry, restoration with Q4D Nutrition begins immediately, and results continue to multiply over weeks and months, as the blocks are removed and the correct and perfectly targeted nutrition restores Cell Resonance.

 Q4D nutrition addresses the causes of many conditions by improving:

Q4D-Nutrition provides basic components  of good nutritional treatment:

1. Proper nutritional building blocks

2. Assistance cleaning house  

3. Consumption of foods that restore the body.

4. Avoidance of foods and other things that deplete the body

5. Use of non-toxic alternatives to depleting pharmaceuticals until the symptoms are naturally eliminated.

Why diet and supplements alone cannot do the whole job of healing

A pristine diet and the best nutrients may not be able correct a crucial and generally unaddressed aspect of the mind/body connection - adaptive stress learning. In response to a lifetime of chemical, mental and emotional stress, the brain ‘postures’ organs and glands to expect more of the same.  This ‘posturing’ affects production of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and digestive juices, alters the heart, stomach, bowel and sphincter muscles, production and activity of immune cells and countless other activities.

It is as if after a tornado went by  a town, alarms never turned off, and the residents of the town remained on heightened alert continually. Thus, what was once useful and adaptive becomes outdated and maladaptive.

Also, without elimination of energy blocks and interference fields, it is impossible for the body to work as it was designed to.

How  Q4D Nutrition does

what diet and supplements alone cannot do

The stress pattern is literally a whole posture in the body, with organ and gland changes interwoven with body tension which we may perceive as emotional tension. Treatment that eliminates ‘stress postures’ can immediately improve symptoms, revealing ease and relaxation.

In addition to providing targeted nutrition, 3D Nutrition treatment addresses the crucial mind/body adaptive learning connection. 3D Nutrition can differentiate whether a nutrient is actually needed to improve function, or whether its function may be better treated by unraveling its relationship to larger patterns of stress and tension in the body.

3D Nutrition makes recovery faster and more lasting because it removes the adaptive learning, restoring the body to its pre-stress well-functioning state. This saves time, money  and unnecessary suffering by allowing the body to access its own restorative, healing capacity.




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Immune function

Chronic stress

Body tension

How long will it take?

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