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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

A relationship is like a shark.  It has to constantly move forward or it dies. -Woody Allen

“If your personal history is interacting with someone else’s personal history ... you are not really relating.”

-AH Almaas       


Advanced change technology for anyone who wants to find themselves in a supportive, cooperative relationship, be it a current or future one

If your Relationship is:



Any sufficiently advanced technology

is indistinguishable from magic.

   Arthur C. Clarke

Who can benefit from Relationship RecalibrationTM ?

Couples and individuals who are part of couples of any sexual orientation:

What makes Relationship RecalibrationTM  special and different?

Relationship RecalibrationTM is NOT:

Side-effects or cautions to Relationship RecalibrationTM

What if the next time you felt ignored, resentful, judgmental, etc. was your last?

Relationship RecalibrationTM, uncovers and erases the roots of automatic  emotional reactions by working with the body in a way that no other therapy offers.

The best results come when both partners participate, but you have the power  to change the relationship by changing yourself. By eliminating your automatic reactions to your partner, (justifiable or not) you find yourself more accepting of your partner’s similarly ingrained inconsistencies, intolerances, habits, quirks and blind spots. The urge to take your partners actions personally transforms into “Well, it’s his life” or “she is just doing her thing.” This liberates the unconditional love and acceptance for your partner that is inherent in your true spiritual nature.

Better still, the gift of unconditional love you are now more able to give changes the relationship soul, bringing forth more connection, intimacy, honesty and support for what is real and important in the relationship.

Dr. Weissfeld and I met at a seminar. I observed him performing his technique on another practitioner and was intrigued. Later that day, he worked on me for about an hour.  Ever since  that session, I have been  able to deal with my significant other’s obsessive- compulsive disorder (hoarding) on a level that I have never experienced before. (we’ve been together for 25 years).  The level of stress that my significant other and I have been experiencing is SIGNIFICANTLY  LESS.  I am able to “move on” and handle issues and activities that I previously felt impeded from doing.  I look forward to working with Dr. Weissfeld again to help me achieve a higher level of physical & mental fitness.  He is a truly gifted healer. “

With gratitude,   Dr. Denise  (Houston, TX)