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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

A relationship is like a shark.

It has to constantly move forward or it dies.

-Woody Allen


Love is the fuel of our journey to realize our true potential

Erase the reactions that don’t work

Warning - your body might change along with your relationships

Benefits of relationship recalibration.

    Dr. Weissfeld and I met at a seminar in Feb 2008. I observed him performing his technique on another practitioner and was intrigued. Later that day, he worked on me for about an hour.  Ever since  that session, I have been  able to deal with my significant other’s obsessive- compulsive disorder (hoarding) on a level that I have never experienced before. (we’ve been together for 25 years).  The level of stress that my significant other and I have been experiencing is SIGNIFICANTLY  LESS.  I am able to “move on” and handle issues and activities that I previously felt impeded from doing.  I look forward to working with Dr. Weissfeld again to help me achieve a higher level of physical & mental fitness.  He is a truly gifted healer.

With gratitude,  

Dr. Denise  (Houston, TX)  

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