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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

Is it possible to restore function, eliminate pain faster, with less work,

with less expense, less time spent, and have longer-lasting results?

NeurOntogenics® Neuromotor Deprogramming

Were you aware that the most pain doesn’t arise from the area where you feel it?  

Clinical observation has shown that tissue damage is generally not the major cause of pain, particularly longer term pain. In most cases, pain results from muscle imbalance patterns that arise from adaptation to stress and trauma. Though the trauma may be long forgotten (consciously, at least) the patterns of imbalance can and often do continue for the rest of our lives if they are not addressed, creating weakness that leads to injury, slow healing of injury, or unexplained pain. This is known as Repetition Syndrome.

Recent injury? Just as inflammation may be an overreaction of the body's defense system (that’s why we ice it) adaptation begins immediately, changing muscle activation patterns and signaling back to the brain that all is not well, and the brain’s response is PAIN. When addressed, pain may immediately and dramatically be reduced and function improved allowing far faster return to activity. Getting such treatment also prevents future injury.

NeurOntogenics® NeuroMotor Deprogramming analyzes finds and eliminates phantom stress that causes Repetition Syndrome, re-establishing a balance that provides a functional base that includes greater flexibility, resilience and real-time adaptability needed to more effectively and safely meet the demands of athletic performance at all levels.


The ultimate in injury prevention and treatment?

NeurOntogenics® Neuromotor Deprograming is based on early work of Dr. Alan Beardall, whose innovative work in the 80’s has been incorporated into many healing systems. One such system was credited for making the NBA’s Utah Jazz of the 1990’s the most injury-free team in sports. Their 2 star players, John Stockton and Karl Malone, missed less than 40 games in almost 37 combined years of play between them!

Why treat the same area over and over???

Most standard treatment and rehab approaches assume that the cause of pain can be found in same area in which the pain is where the pain is located. While of course some treatment is needed to the area of pain, these approaches completely miss the underlying cause of most pain and dysfunction.

Standard treatment and rehab methods do not address the problems of maladaptation which may be affecting the entire body.

Standard rehab treatments include many treatments to the affected area (massage, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, repetitive stretching, or exercise) that often do not address the body learning patterns that cause the pain to keep coming back.

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