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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

 “calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind.

Change can be instantaneous.
Recent advances in neuroscience  now allow us to understand and harness the amazing ability of the brain to selectively release accumulated triggers that may cause or sustain stress and pain. What has been learned, in this case an inner emotionally reactive map, can be immediately un-learned.
A state of intense, painful emotion can go from 10 to 0 immediately.
While not every emotional reaction will follow exactly this course - some go through stages of diminishment over the course of a session - it is exceedingly rare that a particular emotional reaction cannot be amended.
Constricting beliefs we have about ourselves are similarly changeable.
Beliefs are fixed conclusions made about ourselves, others or life in general.  They are cemented by emotional reactive maps that were active at the time of their development, and reinforced by present experience which again calls forth those painful reactive maps.
Maps exist not just in the mind, but as a chain of reactions distributed throughout the body.  
While the trigger is in the brain, and based on perceptual filters that pre-select what information is allowed in, the effect is in the body, wherein learned reactions create a pattern of tension which may also include hormonal and chemical changes.  This pattern ‘reports’ back to the brain which  further categorizes and reacts based on the preset meaning (also based on past learning) of the tension pattern. A response is then generated, again based on old maps of responses.
Inner maps even shape perception to reinforce emotion and belief.
An example would work best here for understanding: Julie, manipulated in the past, receives an innocent compliment, “good job on that report!”. This perception is filtered through past experiences, so instead of taking it in with self-acknowledgement, feeling increased connection with the giver, it triggers the map of emotions associated with past manipulation. Her body to immediately reacts with alarm, which she experiences as a tightening in her gut. The body reaction triggers the belief: ‘this person is trying to get something from me.’ If the body reaction to complements was erased, however, the energy behind the belief would be gone, and the whole reactive cycle would simply not occur.
The same mechanisms cause what is known as psycho-somatic illness.  
From the same example, Julie might also have internal problems resulting from the same tension, leading to digestive disturbances.
Basic laws of inner change suggest that in day-to-day life we will only be able to alter that chain at its last link.
Continued self -work using the principles of experience, acknowledgment and acceptance,  enables us to consciously come in at earlier and earlier points in the chain over time,  gradually whittling it away link by link. This can be a long process which still leaves remnants of tension and reaction in the body.
NeurOntogenics® NeuroHistorical Reprogramming, using a combination of kinesiology (muscle testing) and appropriate body treatments can remove these chains much faster and more completely.

Habitual reactions can include any repetitive emotional reaction, including:

grief, loss, abandonment

phobias, chronic fear

avoidance or procrastination

negative or repetitive mental activity


helplessness, hopelessness

self judgment, criticism, hatred

destructive, overly aggressive patterns

feeling powerless

anger, blame judgment

hatred of self, life, work, others

patterns of difficult relationships

dwelling on the past

reliving of past trauma (PTSD)  

resignation, given up, ‘out of gas’

‘Reaction maps’ in the brain create thoughts emotions and tensions that repeat
over & over

Repetition Syndrome

rules the brain

Powerful corrective currents lay under the turbulent waves on the surface.

When we are in reactive states, it is hard to feel anything but the turbulence of the surface.  In fact, the powerful currents of our truer, deeper nature are always available.

When habitual reactive maps are erased, our peaceful, creative, resilient nature arises.

Stress, pain, confusion and fear are not our natural state. When given a chance, the body, mind and emotions find a home in ease, clarity and peace.  

NeurOntogenics® NeuroHistorical Reprogramming uses of hidden laws of memory

to rapidly eliminate Repetition Syndrome

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