NeurOntogenics® is not for everybody. Though it may offer benefits for anyone, benefits which are not available from other approaches, those benefits come in a form that may challenge conventional ways of thinking. People who enjoy NeurOntogenics® tend to be interested in looking outside the box, either because they have not gotten what they need from conventional care, or because they share the values that are embodied in NeurOntogenics® unique approach.

Those who appreciate NeurOntogenics® the most tend to hold an attitude that life is an adventure of discovery, or wish to foster that attitude. They may be individuals who put their faith in their own inner guidance, and wish to nurture that inner connection, but realize that it is possible to leverage that guidance, by accessing it directly for healing, with the help of another.

Some conditions also are more likely to respond than others. Contact Dr. Weissfeld if you have any questions about how NeurOntogenics® might work with your condition.  

NeurOntogenics® - Is it right for you?