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Longer or more frequent visits = faster progress  

Because NeurOntogenics® is based on different principles than other methods, its corrections do not need to be repeated to be effective.  The more time that is spent eliminating interferences to health, the faster you will improve in most cases. The most cost effective option is scheduling longer visits.   

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Just a Great Chiropractic Treatment  

(with some extra muscle work)

$48 ($40 with Care Package)                    

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Comprehensive Holistic Visit

$138.00 ($118 with Care Package)  55 min

What can I do

in this visit?

Extended Holistic Visit

$103 ($88 with Care Package)             40 min       

What can I do

in this visit?

Basic Holistic visit

$78 ($68 with Care Package)   25 min visit

What can I do

in this visit?

Achieve faster results in a longer visit.

This visit is for more complex issues, or for those interested in the fastest progress

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