These visits are great for limited complaints related to a specific condition or area of the body*, such as:

- assessing nutritional supplements you have at home,

- updating your existing limited nutritional program

- acute condition - cold or flu- that is lingering

- recent rash or other limited symptom

- wellness nutrition - age reversal, athletic, weight loss, or other limited programs.
if these complaints exist along with general fatigue, pain or more serious health conditions, a longer visit is suggested because of high likelihood of interlocking problems.

Acute conditions- Basic Relief Visit

Intensive nutrition follow-up

If you are on a full Q4D Nutrition program, and taking 5 or fewer separate nutritional supplements, use this visit for your 4 week follow-up.

- This visit is also appropriate for working holistically with to provide in-depth clearing of interference patterns during the four weeks, when you are on your supplements.

- This visit may also be used to deal with a single chronic symptom when general health is basically good.

Level1 - 20 minute visit

Level 2 - 40 minute visit

Intensive nutrition follow-up, more involved case

- Use this visit for a Q4D Nutrition 4 week follow-up when taking 6 or more supplements.

-If you are a long-term patient of Dr. Weissfeld and, having already cleared out pockets of your deeper stress patterns use this visit to to establish a multi-system health program.

Level 3 - 60 minute visit

Returning patient visit lengths for treatment with  Q4D Nutrition