Your body and conditioning are very important to you and the only thing you can’t endure is being ‘Out of Order’. You want your machine well tuned, and ready when needed. You want to improve all aspects of your performance. This longer visit format can get you back in competition faster than you imagined was possible.

This is also an ideal visit for those from out-of-town, or those who just want to move through their work as fast as possible or work as deeply as possible.


Get your game on, NOW!  - Athlete’s Intensive
The min

Your priority is to get out of pain, for a lower visit cost. These  Neuromotor Deprograming basic visits provide time to expand beyond chiropractic and unwind  the web of muscle dysfunction that is the cause of much pain.  Focus is on addressing the most immediate needs of the body to relieve pain.

Get out of pain, fast - Basic Relief Visit


This longer visit format allows us to get below the surface of your pain, exploring the the mind/body connection to provide results that go beyond just the faster relief of pain that a longer visit offers. Discover the deeper benefits of the amazing NeurOntogenics® process as it unwinds tensions that you didn’t even realize that you had.


To the root & beyond - Body/Mind Restoration

Level1 - 20 minute visit

Level 2 - 40 minute visit

Level 3 - 60 minute visit

Different visit lengths for different needs. Click here for a guide to treatment times

for different conditions

The good ol’  Chiropractic Visit

Wellness Chiropractic adjustment provides muscle and fascia clearing with the incomparable Percussor instrument, and a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment with your choice of a low force option.

Wellness - 10 minute visit