Injury or pain in more than 2 areas, or when you also have chronic fatigue, or suspect fibromyalgia or other health conditions. Use this visit if your health condition is complicated. Use this visit if you want to accelerate your healing pain or injury in 1-2 areas. Also use for Fast track recovery or in-depth tune-up if you are a  competitive athlete.

This is an good visit for those from out-of-town.  

More than 2 areas of pain, or faster relief
The min

Exam and treatment, time allowing, of injury or pain in 1-2 body areas, when in otherwise good health. For focus on pain only. To accelerate your results, use the 60 minute visit.

Get out of pain, fast - Basic Relief Visit

40 minute visit

60 minute visit

Different visit lengths for different needs. Click here for a guide to treatment times

for different conditions

New Patient Visits- Neuromotor Deprograming Sysem

Results with this system are based on time, not repetition, so longer visits will accelerate your results.

Use these visits for most kinds of pain, injury recovery, and surgery prevention or recovery.

The good ol’  chiropractic Wellness Visit

Use this visit if you don’t have a particular complaint to investigate. Initial exam and history is taken and a great whole-body chiropractic adjustment with your choice of a low force option is provided. Muscle and fascia clearing with the incomparable Percussor instrument rounds out the visit.

30 minute visit