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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

Spiritual, in this context, refers to that part of oneself which is real, basic and true, and underlies all other parts.  Qualities like strength, love or compassion are examples of spiritual qualities. The spiritual experience confers a sense of knowing a rightness for oneself, and associates with the feeling of it being beyond the ‘I’ that we take ourselves to be.

Being at the base of of the hierarchical chain, the conception we start with is that the spiritual nature is the deepest part of us, the underlying True Nature of all parts. A spiritual maladaptation generally relates to a time in the past when we developed the conclusion that who we really are will not work, and must be denied or covered over by adaptive behaviors, feelings, beliefs or activities.  This was generally not a conscious action at the time that it occurred, but one may see choice point in retrospect.

Spiritual maladaptation is be tied to self-esteem.  While we commonly look at self-esteem as being about what we do and what we think we can do, true esteem - which may be defined as true estimation of the self - is more about knowing, feeling, and accepting what we are on a deeper, spiritual level. This kind of self-esteem will not change as life circumstances change.  

The core of the neurontogenic model contains the assumption that, with the exception of learned skills and practice using them, we have within us all the qualities needed to move through life, albeit some less developed than others. The obscuration of the experience and expression of our spiritual nature by unnecessary constellations of maladaptation (made up of beliefs held in place by body tension and energetic blockage) is the cause of much of the pain and suffering we experience.

NeurOntogenics®  is not a spiritual practice, and requires no spiritual belief. The intention of NeurOntogenics®  is not necessarily to bring an awareness of the spiritual dimension, unless that is the intention of the person receiving the treatment. It does happen, however, that, in the course of working to the bottom of the chain, that the tensions of the body that normally hold us to our usual patterns of experience and limit our awareness may dissolve sufficiently that an experience of deeper spiritual presence becomes available.

According to  A.H.  Almaas, whose works and teachings explore the boundaries of spirit and psyche, there is “an inherent synthesis between the spiritual and the psychological domains of experience. The spiritual and the psychological can be separated only in theory, for in experience they are two dimensions of the same human consciousness. Recognizing this truth makes it possible to approach the path to inner realization informed with modern psychological knowledge, and thus allows the process of understanding one’s psychological experience to open one’s consciousness to the deeper truths of our spiritual nature.

One can view reality, Almaas continues, “to be fundamentally the eternal truth of spirit that manifests itself in various dimensions, from the deepest dimension of absolute emptiness to the physical realm. The appearance of this manifestation is what is conventionally known as reality, including the physical universe and all beings with their minds and psyches. The inner truth of this reality is true nature itself, pure spirit, which is the ultimate and real nature of both the universe and all beings.” -

Levels of function:

Cognitive, emotional and  motor skills

Spiritual qualities and maladaptation