What is a Spiritual Medicine Approach?

First, it is NOT a religious approach, and requires no particular belief. It is not about any particular concept of God, even a belief in God.  

Spirit, in some definitions is “the vital principle or animating force within living things.” It may also be called the fundamental, root, or ontogenic nature of things.

A spiritual medicine approach then, believes that there is a fundamental condition, pure and correct, of every body part or system, and of functions that the body parts perform.

Spiritual Medicine understands that, when that which is not fundamental (spirit-ual) is removed, normal and correct function is restored, because it was never lost to begin with.

Find out more in the Principles section of this site, and particularly in the Foundational Philosophy section.  

Spirit meets science in the brain

In 1999 an amazing discovery was made about the way our brains really work. When we activate a memory, it turns out that the memory is like a book taken off the shelf; if it is not put back it may be lost, forever. If that memory happens to be an association that causes fear or self-judgement, or a memory of altered muscle function and pain that followed an injury, we may want to remove the book from the library altogether.

When these pathological maladaptive memories are eliminated, correct normal function, hidden underneath, is restored - instantly! The true spirit, the fundamental, ontogenic, function is restored.

This is what NeurOntogenics® is all about.