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Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

What  people have said about working with Dr. Weissfeld

“Dr. Weissfeld and I met at a seminar in Feb 2008. I observed him performing his technique on another practitioner and was intrigued. Later that day, he worked on me for about an hour.  Ever since  that session, I have been  able to deal with my significant other’s obsessive- compulsive disorder (hoarding) on a level that I have never experienced before. (we’ve been together for 25years).  The level of stress that my significant other. and I have been experiencing is SIGNIFICANTLY LESS.  I am able to “move on” and handle issues and activities that I previously felt impeded from doing.  I look forward to working with Dr. Weissfeld again to help me achieve a higher level of physical & mental fitness.  He is a truly gifted healer.”

With gratitude,  

Dr. Denise  

“For years I have endeavored to free myself from recurring pain by working with different types of health professionals, though all have been of some assistance I never found a comprehensive effort resulting in any significant or lasting change.   While working with Rob I have been offered the flexibility to work on as many levels as I am comfortable with and in my own timing.  Rob’s gracious manner and sensitivity coupled with his innate healing talent and well-developed skill set has availed me the opportunity to be a partner in my healing process. By realizing old beliefs I have held about myself which no longer fit, I have been able to release old patterns of energy blocked in my body freeing myself from negative thoughts, physical tension and pain.  There were days when a simple adjustment was enough for me and other days when I wanted to search for a deeper release overall the process has been filled with empowerment, grace and ease.”

-- DL,  Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Author, Denver, CO

Dr. Weissfeld's work is extraordinary. After going to dozens of the State's leading practitioners for a myriad of health issues over the past several years, I stumbled upon Dr. Weissfeld and was extremely impressed at his depth of  comprehensive approach to treatment. I have seen excellent results and am completely satisfied with the treatments I've received from him.He is truly one of the best out there.  I would easily give him a 5-star rating.  you won't be disappointed!

-- AV, Nutritional rep for a leading nutritional and homeopathic manufacturer, Denver, CO

When I sat waiting for my first appointment with you, suddenly realizing that you were not going to be what I was expecting, I had an enormous urge to just bolt from my chair and disappear into the world. I am not certain what force it was that kept me there until you invited me back to your office, but it obviously knew better than I what I needed. That very day, my life turned a corner and you were the instrument.

What you have done for me, mostly you know. But I want to share it in this letter, and I want you in turn to share this letter with others, a testament to my gratitude and a hinting at hope.

As you remember I came to you confused and in pain. I was not sure if my emotions had hijacked my body or if my body had hijacked my emotions but I knew that I felt crazy, and it was making me sick. Having some experience with kinesiology I knew just barely what to expect. Having no experience with neuro-dynamic treatment using kinesiology, I had nothing left to do but trust you when I trusted no one.

Your care gave me room to breath and safety to release the patterns that controlled me. The cycles of pain and emotions in my body were erased and my mind began to quiet. I found peace in the resulting silence and in the silence, found a means to heal. Within the awe of the transformation I no longer thought of you as a doctor, but as a healer. And I now have a glimpse of what it must have been for others passed to fall under the gentle hand of a great healer. My gratitude is eternal.

I lapped up the book you recommended to me. What insight you must have had to share it with me. My life is changing for the better every day since I began that part of my journey. I now suppose if I could travel in time, the force that kept me in your office that first day was me at this moment running backward, knowing I needed to stay…knowing I needed you. Thank you.

--Tammy non-profit worker, Fort Collins, CO  (See Tammy’s story)

"... when I was 14, I suffered a severe closed head injury. My life was completely changed. I suddenly had poor memory, couldn’t focus or pay attention, and I became extremely indecisive. I had a hard time in school and working. After a relatively short time working with Dr. Weissfeld, I have regained those abilities that were lost and I no longer feel victimized by my head injury. I have now completed my MBA and again have a great deal of confidence in my abilities."

--JC, Business Executive, Englewood, CO

"I first went to Dr. Weissfeld because of lower back pain, but he has helped me to feel at ease, and, contrary to my normal reactions, I found I was letting go of self-consciousness about my body. After a few sessions, I not only had relief from my back pain, but I was feeling more self-confidence, and less self judgment. He helped me to more easily identify and access the causes of my pain, both physical and emotional. I highly recommend Dr Weissfeld. He is a gentle, understanding listener, and a gifted healer."

-- SH, Editor, office assistant, Boulder, CO

"I have known Robert Weissfeld and experienced his work for the last 5 years. During that time he has continued to expand his knowledge and the breadth of his healing work. he is a gifted healer, and his attunement to his clients is quite beautiful."

--MW, spiritual teacher and guide, Boulder, CO

"The sincere seeker of healing will find Dr. Weissfeld's interventions profoundly impact their process on many levels. I am truly grateful that he is here."

-- DT, Indian Hills CO

"I was told by my HMO doctor. that I would need surgery, but Dr. Weissfeld did not give up on me. I am now pain free and don't need the surgery."

-- LC, Denver, CO

"(Dr. Weissfeld's) gentle, accepting nature and innovative techniques helped layers of unresolved issues, feelings, experiences in me find resolution and healing. I  find myself no longer reacting to things that, because of the trauma in my background, had always caused imbalance and upset for me."

-- SY, retired teacher, Denver, CO

"As a long-time student of martial arts, injuries are common. Dr. Weissfeld helps me to rapidly recover from my injuries--even the chronic nagging ones."

-- BW, Petroleum Landman, Denver, CO

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