Focal Dystonia can be a debilitating problem. I suspect that the treatment of maladaptive learning may be a key to the treatment of Focal Dystonia, and I would like to explore that possibility. NeurOntogenics® resolves maladaptation, with treatments described in this site, using natural approaches that are non-invasive and  drug-free. Results, if obtainable, are usually rapid, noticeable in just a few visits.

I am looking for a limited number of subjects with Focal Dystonia to be volunteers for our clinical trial. Your only responsibility will be to report honestly and accurately on your symptoms and progress, and to allow me to publish the results, with your name changed to protect your identity.

Participants will get care at no charge, and any nutritional supplementation, if necessary, will be provided free of charge as well. Call my office at 303-300-3933, and come in for an interview to see if your condition qualifies. Only those with a medical diagnosis of focal dystonia will be accepted.


Have you been told by a doctor that you have Focal Dystonia?

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