When you go to a chiropractor, you have many choices, from the chiropractor that just gives you an adjustment to the holistic practitioner who may address all levels of function and use a variety of treatments beyond spinal manipulative therapy. Of course, when the doctor spends more time with you and does more for you, you spend more money. But, while each visit may cost more, you will feel better faster, often much faster, so you will end up spending a lot less in the long run, and your problem will be more likely to stay gone.

While a chiropractic adjustment will often help the situation, and it is far better than taking a (toxic) pain reliever that simply covers over the problem, it is muscles that hold bones in place or pull them out of place, and without correcting the reason why the muscles are imbalanced, the problem is not solved.

If your car had a leaky radiator hose, you could tape it up with duct tape but it would surely fail again, and the next failure might lead to the engine overheating and needing an overhaul, or leave you stranded in a desolate place.

Because the cause of pain is often multifaceted, even if the pain is experienced in just one place, the key to being pain-free is being able to find and treat the hidden causes of the pain. Neurontogenic holistic treatment, treatment which restores the pre-stress pre-trauma function to the entire body, not just the area in pain, delivers faster and longer lasting results.

You will pay a little more per visit for correct treatment, but your pain will go away faster, and be more likely to stay gone, because the cause has been addressed.

The benefits of holistic chiropractic

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