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The frontier of 
Mind/Body Healing Dr. Robert Weissfeld About NeurOntogenics

Its not their fault. The principles that immediate elimination of maladaptation are based on are just now coming to light. Every system in the body, organs & glands, muscles & joints, emotions & feelings, beliefs  & reactions tend to get stuck, locked in place, sclerotic - a situation we accept as normal, if we even realize it is there at all.

NeurOntogenics® reveals the principles of such change, showing how any function of the body can immediately normalize. Progressive Rejuvenation puts these principles into action when no symptoms are present.

What is a wellness visit?

Generally, a wellness visit is considered a visit in which you are not coming in to take care of  a particular symptom, but rather because you’re basically ok, and would like to keep it that way.

But NeurOntogenics® Progressive Rejuvenation Wellness Care can expand wellness far beyond the ‘maintenance adjustment’ that is popular in chiropractic, far beyond just treading water and keeping your health from getting worse, to the experience of expanding health; Progressive Rejuvenation actually improves your health as get older.

Whether you are 20, 40, 60 or  80

Progressive Rejuvenation makes you even better

than you used to be, on all levels!

Progressive Wellness: what even holistic doctors don’t tell you about wellness.

The great news about maladadaptive learning is that once it is eliminated, it stays gone.

It NEVER returns!

Rejuvenating the organs and glands

with Q4D Nutrition.

The 4 dimensions that must be addressed are:

  1. Cell Resonant nutritional needs, determined with Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRATM)
  1. Release of repetitive learning (Repetition Syndrome) that act like a rubber band to snap us back to old patterns
  2. The mind/body connection - inner ease relaxes organs
  3.  Elimination of energetic distortion using principles of acupuncture and Neural Therapy.

Neuromotor Deprograming eliminates the stiffness and pain

(mistakenly) associated with aging.

Even when there is no ‘real’ pain, our bodies are still bearing the burden of a lifetime of accumulated maladaptation in the form of learned patterns of altered muscle function that causes stiffness, restriction, even arthritis and other conditions.

NeuroHistorical Reprogramming brings forth the peace, clarity

and contentment while eliminating blocks to

successful work, love and play.

‘Reaction maps’ in the brain create thoughts emotions and tensions that repeat over & over. Even when we feel things are pretty good, they can always get better. Peace, clarity, contentment, strength, will, compassion and love lay waiting under the habitual thoughts, feelings emotions of our reactive mind. Once eliminated, the reactive mind relaxes and revealing the underlying true nature.

‘You’ don’t need to choose!

Your body  makes the choice

of what to address!

The wisdom of open-ended kinesiology is that it allows your body to reveal it’s priorities. Maladaptive learning is layered, and layers of stress-learning organ, gland, structural, emotional, mental and energetic, are best addressed in the body’s preferential order. Kinesiology automatically does that selection, highlighting the stress and suggesting the best method of addressing that stress.

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