Holistic (wholistic) is often thought of as simply using alternatives to drugs or surgery, like using herbs or vitamins to lower cholesterol or just using acupuncture needles or getting a chiropractic adjustment. That is just alternative treatment’

On a more complete level, holistic healing is an attempt to addresses all parts of the individual, not just the aspect (muscle/joint, mental/emotional, or organ/gland) where the problem is manifesting. This level of holistic care addresses  the larger lifestyle of the individual.

NeurOnotgenicsTM takes holistic treatment to another level altogether by finding and eliminating the cause of the problem, at whatever level it is occurring on. Your neck or back pain could be due to emotional tension from last week or 20 years ago. It could be due to an ankle injury, or stress on an organ that requires nutritional care.

In fact, many symptoms are due to a variety of causes that happen to each affect the symptomatic area of the body, and as each cause is dealt with, the symptoms diminish until they are gone.

The benefits of holistic chiropractic

NeurOntogenics®  Holistic Chiropractic of Denver