Q4D first unwinds and eliminates the specific ways each organ and system been affected by the accumulated stress of a lifetime which have caused long term life-depleting changes in body. Once these factors are eliminated, the principles of quantum nutritional supplementation are applied by offering the best supplements available to restore Cell Resonance, leading to the most complete rejuvenation possible for the organs and endocrine system.

Quantum 4 Dimensional Nutrition Q4D

Injury or pain in more than 2 areas, or when you also have chronic fatigue, or suspect fibromyalgia or other health conditions. Use this visit if your health condition is complicated. Use this visit if you want to accelerate your healing pain or injury in 1-2 areas. Also use for Fast track recovery or in-depth tune-up if you are a  competitive athlete.

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Exam and treatment, time allowing, of injury or pain in 1-2 body areas, when in otherwise good health. For focus on pain only. To accelerate your results, use the 60 minute visit. In most cases this visit will allow for some treatment in addition to exam.

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Use this visit length when you need to be out of pain and back in the game, at work, or are from out-of- town and want to return home with the greatest possible relief. This length will allow for extended treatment.

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Basic visit, probably includes some treatment
Fast track to recovery
More complex or more treatment for simpler cases
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